A Note from the Treasurer

Cash Received by PSHS CC/Track Booster Club – 
For all cash received by the Booster Club please submit the attached Deposit Voucher with two signatures verifying total deposit and income account where funds should be deposited.  Please contact the Treasurer at lisa.kittrell@hotmail.com within 24 hours of any cash transactions in order that deposits can be made timely into our account.
Payments and Reimbursements to Vendors and Members of PSHS CC/Track Booster Club – 
For all payments and reimbursements to vendors and members of the Booster Club please submit the attached Check Request Form.   The form should have a chairpersons signature and the account, on the budget, the expense will be deducted.  Chairpersons should be mindful of budget amounts approved by the membership as any expenses exceeding those amounts will have to be submitted to membership for approval before any reimbursement is made.  All Check Request Forms should be submitted with an original receipt.  
Petty Cash requests should be made at least 24 hours before the event and need to be made on the Check Request Form by the Chairman hosting the event.  
Thank you for partnering with us to keep the integrity of our funds secure.  If you have any questions please contact the Treasurer at lisa.kittrell@hotmail.com.





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